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Register your delivery Trucks, Buses, Cars and Motor Bikes and have access to the largest network of goods producers and distributors in Africa.

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You will get a mobile app for all your drivers and a reporting dashboard to manage all your transactions and payments real-time.

Sign up, register your Riders, Drivers and Vehicles, set your price, monitor your delivery, receive payments and report etc.

Automated payouts

Get paid automatically once you have completed a delivery. You have full access to full reports via our reporting portal.

Platform fee: 20% of your bookings as commission.

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Booking a delivery


Customer Billing

Customer billing will be automatically calculated based on the type of vehicle and distance of the delivery.

Safe and Secure

Customers will get notified of each stage of their parcel delivery. You can also track your delivery via our app to know the status at any time.

User-friendly mobile apps

Customers booking a delivery request is faster and most efficient via the app. Download for free from Google Play or Apple appstore.

Download the customer app

Download the customer app

Business solutions


DeliverNow is a one-stop-shop where we bring all delivery logistics service providers  together.






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Download the customer app

Download the customer app

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"The best feedback from every delivery run is 'delivered', that is why we at DeliverNow have vowed to ensure you keep hearing that word".

– PO

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