Decentralized last-mile delivery logistics platform


Deliver now and get paid

Register your delivery Trucks, Buses, Cars and Motor Bikes and earn good income on the largest delivery marketplace in Africa.

Easy booking

Customers booking a delivery request is faster and most efficient via the App. Download for free from Google Play or Apple appstore.

Prompt payment

Get paid on a weekly basis. You have full access to full reports via our reporting portal.

Transparent billing

Customer billing will be automatically calculated based on the type of vehicle and distance of the delivery.

Business services

For all related professional services at affordable rates.


Buy your Motorbikes, cars and trucks from trusted sources at good rates.

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Verified genuine License and registrations at affordable rates.

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Quality design and printing for all your branding needs.

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Have peace of mind. Secure your vehicles and know where they are at all times.

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Vehicle insurance. Accident injury insurance. Goods-in-transit insurance.

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Let trusted hands handle all your vehicle repairs.

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How it works

Customer: More options to choose from the best collection of delivery providers.
Delivery partner: Discover more customers, earn more with less stress.

“The best feedback from every delivery run is DELIVERED, that is why we at DeliverNow have vowed to ensure you keep hearing that word”.

– PO