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Finances are essential when it has to do with running a business, especially a small one. Since there is a thin line between your business and your personal life, it might be a chore trying to separate your finances from your business finances.

Studies have shown that some of the most successful business owners learned at an early stage how to separate their finances from their business finances. It helped them take their business seriously, and it provided them with some form of clarity. We love small businesses at Delivernow, which is why in this article, we have come up with tips on how to pay yourself as a small business owner.

Figure out how much you want to pay yourself

If you are applying for a job, you’d realize that the question regarding how much you want to be paid will come up. The employer might have a certain amount of money that doesn’t work with your budget, but with the power of negotiation, you can make it work. The first step regarding paying yourself as a small business owner is deciding how much you want to pay yourself. Choose how much you want to pay yourself and start doing that immediately.

Decide how often you want to pay yourself

Do you want to pay yourself weekly, biweekly or monthly? It all depends on what works for you. Choose a frequency that works for you and get started with paying yourself the amount of money you have set aside as soon as possible.

Figure out how you want to pay yourself

How do you want to pay yourself? Would you instead do a bank transfer, or would you prefer a direct deposit to your account? You know what works for you and what will give you a chance to still be productive while at that. You’d need to decide how you want to pay yourself and set that up.

Your salary account should be different from your business account

If you don’t have a separate account for your business, we are judging you. You need to head to the bank, and you need to head to the bank right now. This is not the time to be lazy about your business. Create a business account and pay yourself in your salary account, which should not be the business account.

Dig into your finances

Most business owners do not like dealing with finances; they would rather pay a CPA or a Financial Advisor to help them with their finances. While we are all for outsourcing, we also want you to look into your finances. See how it’s doing, see what you are spending money on, ask yourself if it’s relevant or irrelevant. If it’s clear that it’s irrelevant, you might want to cut that off. You won’t comfortably dive into your business’s nitty-gritty if you don’t dig into your finances.

We want you to spend wisely, and you need all the money you can get while starting so, we encourage you to look into your finances and make sure it looks good. With this article, we believe you are on the right track towards understanding how to pay yourself as a small business owner. Don’t just enjoy the article, subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this and follow us on social media @Delivernownow on Instagram and Twitter.


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The delivery logistics industry in Nigeria is saddled with a lot of challenges. From bad roads to inexperienced drivers to bad customer service, the list is endless. A business owner does all he/she can to ensure the smooth running of the business and when the time comes, it’s like pouring water on a rock because it seems like all the efforts are in vain.

We looked at the challenges and that’s why DeliverNow is here. We are offering you so much more, you’d have a chance to take charge of your delivery and a variety of delivery service providers to choose from.

Here are some reasons why you should think DeliverNow for your delivery needs.

You’ve got options

By this, we don’t mean you need to do your research regarding the best delivery company that aligns with your brand. With DeliverNow, right there on the app, you can see that you’ve got options. Options with regards to your budget, the reviews, your brand, and the likes. With the options, it is clear that you would get the best delivery service provider that works with your brand.

We create insightful content

Asides from offering you the best services, we also have blog posts and social media content tailored for you as an online business. With our tips, you’d have ideas on how to run your online business with minimal stress.

Zero horror tales from unprofessional drivers

Because you have the opportunity to pick a rider that aligns with your brand, the horrible tales about unprofessional drivers will be eliminated. Asides from the fact that we work with professional riders, the fact that the choice of the rider depends on you plays a huge role in eliminating unprofessional drivers.

An increased customer satisfaction

Customers are excited when you meet or exceed their expectations. With a delivery logistics company, “delivered” is what you need to hear and it’s what we are offering. We want you to be happy and if you run a business, we want your customers to be happy. If customer satisfaction is a priority for you, you’d need to get started with DeliverNow right now.

Riders earn more while doing less

We also care about our riders. We allow them to make a living from this while doing less. They can invest their time in other things that make them happy too. If you are looking for a platform that will give you more, you need to think DeliverNow and you need to sign up now.

The delivery logistics industry in Nigeria has been trolled enough. Every day on social media, we are introduced to yet another horror tale regarding businesses should try to put in the work while they are trying to hire a delivery logistics company to work with.

We have a lot of beneficial articles for small and online business owners on our blog. So, you might want to check that out and follow us on social media @Delivernownow on Instagram and Twitter to get information about our launch date and tips on how to grow your business.


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In our last article, we talked about simplifying your business as a small business owner. We shared a lot of tips that would answer the how to simplify your online business in 2021 question. In this article, it’s different.

As we stated earlier, it can be insane trying to do everything on your own and if you are not careful, you won’t get anything done or you would be all over the place. That’s why we decided to write this article to teach you how to stay sane as an online business owner.


We get that you can do it alone and you have a Grammy in multitasking, but outsource when you can. You don’t have to do it alone. If you are trying to make it work and it doesn’t seem like that’s working, outsource. There are parts of your business that you might not be able to figure out and that’s okay. Outsource as much as you can and focus on other aspects of your business that you are good at.

Read books

Read books or blog posts about small business owners who started and are still killing it. Do this especially when you don’t feel too great or when you are dealing with job burnout. It’s always a great idea to remind yourself why you started in the first place and books or articles or even the bios of the entrepreneurs you love have a good way of making you remember.

Take a break

We mentioned this last week and we are mentioning it again because it is important. We have seen articles that glorify overworking “no days off”. That should not be the same in your case. Take breaks when you need to, take some time off work. Life would go on and the fact that you’ve decided to take care of yourself shows how passionate you are about your business. If you are not healthy, how can you have the energy to be the best for your customers?

Use a planner

Trying to do everything at once can be overwhelming in our personal lives to say nothing of our businesses. You need the order shipped, you need to reply this comment and that email, you need to make a phone call, you need to reach out to the delivery company, it is a lot and without a proper plan in place, how are you going to find time to catch your breath?

This is where our last article about how to simplify your business comes in. That way, you have an app that helps you with social media and you have a variety of all-encompassing tools that would help you make headway in your business without having to do everything at the same time. We often hear “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and this is the truth if we are being honest. We get that things do not work exactly as planned, but when you plan, we are kinda one step ahead.

That’s it for today guys and we are sure you have an idea regarding how to stay sane as an online business owner now. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Twitter @Delivernownow.


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Running a business is hard, running an online business is harder. It’s the hardest when you are running an online business and you are doing it alone. You are the social media manager, marketing manager, procurement manager, advertising manager, you are everything. Doing it all and still struggling to find time to rest even when it seems like the time is no longer there.

As an online business owner, it can take a toll on you mentally because you have to do everything on your own and if you don’t find the time to rest, you might break down.

How then can you simplify your online business in 2021 to avoid job burnout?

Some tips can come in handy to kickstart your simplification process and that’s why we are here. At DeliverNow, online businesses are our priority so we do whatever we can to make sure they thrive. In this article, we have some tips that teach you how to simplify your online business in 2021.

Restructure your tools

The best explanation for this is to make sure you are not making use of so many tools when one tool can get the job done. For instance, making use of a social media scheduling app and an analytics app when there is an app like Twoogle that can help you do both.

You do not need too many tools, it’s difficult to keep up. Find tools you need that serve multiple purposes and use them.

Create healthy boundaries

You should have a time where you log off work for the day. We mean, if companies have that, why can’t you have that? You must have that figured out as soon as possible. When do you want to start working every day? When do you want to stop working every day? If you can create a schedule like that and stick to it, you are on your way to having a better work-life balance which can help you rest more or even become more productive which is great for your business.

Have a separate account for your business

One thing we make business owners know is that it’s important to separate pleasure from the business. And not just when it has to do with sex, but money too. When people say this, they know what they are saying. Having a business account makes things easier because you’d know how much you are making from your business and be more cautious when you want to spend recklessly. We are huge fans of Cathrin Manning and in one of her videos, she mentioned paying yourself as a business owner.

That’s the reason you have a personal account. When you pay yourself a certain amount of money every month, you’d know how much you have left and with your salary, you can knock yourself out. Never be that reckless when it has to do with your business funds. Have separate accounts.


This can be planning when to post on social media since your post is on social media when to reply to your client’s complaint, what to post, how to create ads, and so on. If you struggle with finding the right time to post, why don’t you batch create content with apps like Twoogle? Twoogle helps you track your analytics too so you might want to check it out. There are a couple of content planners that come in handy so make use of them. Always plan your content for one or two weeks because we noticed that the stress with posting on social media comes with not scheduling. When you schedule, you’d have enough time to do other things and you need all the time as a small business owner.


You can collaborate with other business owners. It can be with a Delivery company like DeliverNow where we get to be your delivery company and you eliminate the stress that comes with figuring out how to get your goods to the clients. It can also be with a gift company where you work with them to come up with a gift for those who have places orders. You know the collaborations asides from the delivery companies that work for you. You should look into that.


Omo, we have finally shared our secrets on how to simplify your online business in 2021 and we are sure you’ve heaved a sigh of relief because you’ve been bothered with regards to how to simplify your online business. So, follow us on our social media platforms @Delivernownow on Instagram and Twitter.



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Last week, we gave you guys tips on how to build your brand on Instagram from start to finish because we care about online businesses and small businesses at DeliverNow. This week, we are here with more tips. If you’ve been looking for the online business checklist for 2021, this article is for you.

We have put together a comprehensive checklist for your online business that will help you move your business to the next level. So, if you want to start an online business and you don’t know how to go about it, our guide is for you.

Figure out what you want to sell online

The fact that someone else is making sales from a particular product doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the same for you. You might want to take some time to figure out what might work. Research, look at what those in your intending niche are doing. Are they making sales? What’s their strategy? How are they going about it? What makes them stand out?

Think of a business name

Some marketing professionals argue that a business name is not that important when it has to do with starting an online business, but we believe it is part of the online business checklist for 2021. You want to create an amazing name that aligns with the goal of your business and a name that will stick in the customer’s mind.

You can hire experts in business names to help you come up with one if it’s clear that coming up with a business name is not one of your strengths.

Buy a domain for your website

After figuring out what you want to do concerning your business name, the next step is buying a domain. You can check out domains on GoDaddy or Namecheap. There are online businesses that do not have websites and still make a lot of sales, but it doesn’t hurt to have a website. It gives you more credibility and at the same time, your audience has more options to see what you are offering them.

A good tagline

A tagline is important in any business. We know popular ones like Nike which is “just do it” and a host of others. You want your business to have a catchy tagline that is simple, clear, has a meaning, and tells a story. Taglines are not easy to come up with, they are short, but not easy. We’d advise that if  being creative is not one of your strengths, you might want to outsource the job to a professional.

Social media profiles

The reason it’s called an online business is that it’s going to rely heavily on social media to get clients. There are 5 major social media platforms that businesses make use of. We have Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. Figure out which of these platforms you want to make use of and create social media accounts for your business on them.


It’s a known fact that delivery is one of the major challenges online businesses face. From goods getting lost to dispatch riders who are untrained, there are a lot of challenges you need to look out for when you want to choose a reliable dispatch rider. That’s why we suggest you use DeliverNow. It’s a fast-paced logistics company whose online priority is to hear “delivered” from the client.

We love small businesses and since the online business checklist for 2021 includes getting to work with a good delivery company, you should partner with DeliverNow to make your clients have a seamless shopping experience.

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