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What’s a business without challenges? Even a business that seems like it has it all figured out has some challenges. However, even though businesses have their ups and downs, it seems the logistics industry takes the cake.

Every day, there is a call out on social media especially Twitter with regards to the nasty or unbelievable behavior of a delivery person on how a delivery package was mishandled because the delivery company in charge refused to do the right thing with regards to ensure that a customer’s delivery is well taken care of.

These constant backlashes of delivery companies are taking a toll on the industry and we’ve decided to write about it so the general public and delivery companies can understand these challenges and find ways to fix them.

Lackadaisical attitude to work on the part of the drivers

Last week, Big Brother Naija star Natacha popularly known as Tacha took social media to call out her rider who used the company’s bike and time for his business. She was able to find out because of the tracker placed on the bike. Now, imagine that she didn’t have the tracker?

The country is hard enough, but you know what’s sadder, those you give jobs to more often than not are not willing to do their best to make this work. The lackadaisical attitude to work by some of the drivers is one major challenge logistic businesses in Nigeria face.

Transportation cost

In the bid to be more affordable than the competitors, most delivery companies find themselves charging lower for a distance that is supposed to be so much higher. The delivery people and your members of staff need to get paid especially since you are not running a charity organization. Now is the time to charge what the distance is worth. Most people especially those patronizing delivery companies want to be sure you can get the job done; they want premium service. So, if you assure them that you will deliver premium service, they will pay.

Lack of riders

Not having enough riders to do the job is also another problem the logistics industry faces especially if you get a lot of clients. While we are seeking ways to fix the lackadaisical attitude of some of the riders, we have by maybe giving them an orientation, we also need more riders because these orders will not deliver themselves, would they?

Customer service

Well, for some customer service officials, the customer is not always right. They are willing to take off their clothes and beat you up if you are not careful. Great customer service is necessary for logistics companies because a bad customer service would do what it knows how to do best which is ruin your business and you know you don’t want that for yourself. While recruiting, you must recruit professionals who would do a good job and project your company in a positive light.

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