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In our last article, we gave you guys online business ideas that can fetch your money, we mean business ideas that you can start from the comfort of your homes without opening any offline store. Please, put some respect on our brand, we dey try.

Today, we are back with another article on how you can promote your online business. It’s not enough to create an online business, you should also make sure it reaches your target audience and that’s what this video is about. We have 5 ways in which you can promote your online business without breaking the bank.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads stay winning all day because they are the best and most affordable way to promote your online business. With Facebook ads, your business can be in the face(s) of your target audience and they will have no choice, but to patronize you and your business. We know how many times members of staff at Delivernow have purchased things because they saw an ad about it on Facebook.

If you don’t have a large advertising budget, Facebook ads are the way to go for you. With the ads, you can reach your target audience and make sales which is the most important thing.


We bet you had no idea that it is possible to promote your business with content. Promoting your business with content is a thing. To achieve this, you need to start creating content in your niche. For instance, if own an online thrift store, you can create a slide on Instagram telling your followers 5 ways to style a particular outfit or 5 outfit ideas for the rainy season since we are in Nigeria. Make use of outfits you have in your store and you can tell your followers that you have the outfits you mentioned are available in your store. That way, you are giving them valuable content and at the same time, promoting your brand.


This is especially for Instagram and Twitter. There are a lot of hashtags relating to your niche that you are sleeping on. Most times, when we get non-followers liking our content on Instagram and even Twitter. Our analytics which we check on Twoogle by the way makes us understand the importance of making use of hashtags. Check for hashtags that are relevant to your niche and make use of them. Hashtags give your brand the visibility that it deserves which is a good thing.

Engage with other content

We need to point out that we’re not talking about any random content, but content that will be relevant to your brand. For instance, if you own a thrift store online, you can follow content creators who thrift shop a lot and leave a thoughtful comment on their posts. Let’s paint you a little picture, as a delivery company in Lagos, Nigeria, we can follow small businesses and leave a comment like “Hello xxx, we have tasted your cookies and they taste like tiny drops of heaven. We are also sorry about your experience with your delivery company and we are sorry you had to go through all that. Anyway, we are here if you need to change your delivery company and we are super reliable.” This kind of comment is exciting because not only have we patronized the small business; we are also kind enough to empathize with the vendor which is great. The chances that the vendor will reach out to us are high.

If you have not been leaving thoughtful comments on your prospective audience pages, now is the time to do that.


While we are against building a brand on giveaways, giveaways are a great way to make people know what you do. We have a problem with people who are always hosting giveaways because once some people don’t win, they send nasty dms, unfollow you and even send comments that will send shivers down your spine. We are not trying to say giveaways don’t work, we are saying, it works if you do it once in a while. Tell your followers to tag their friends and make sure their friends are following your business. 

With this, the people who are tagged will most definitely try to see what kind of business you have on your page and once you have great content that will make them stay, you have advertised your business online.

So, guys, these are 5 ways in which you can promote your online business especially if you don’t have a big marketing budget. We hope you found this article helpful as usual and if you did, now is the time to subscribe to our email list for even more tea on how to grow your online business. Don’t forget to contact us if you need to hear delivered from your client’s end and follow us on social media @Delivernownow on Instagram and Twitter.


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