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Running a business is hard, running an online business is harder. It’s the hardest when you are running an online business and you are doing it alone. You are the social media manager, marketing manager, procurement manager, advertising manager, you are everything. Doing it all and still struggling to find time to rest even when it seems like the time is no longer there.

As an online business owner, it can take a toll on you mentally because you have to do everything on your own and if you don’t find the time to rest, you might break down.

How then can you simplify your online business in 2021 to avoid job burnout?

Some tips can come in handy to kickstart your simplification process and that’s why we are here. At DeliverNow, online businesses are our priority so we do whatever we can to make sure they thrive. In this article, we have some tips that teach you how to simplify your online business in 2021.

Restructure your tools

The best explanation for this is to make sure you are not making use of so many tools when one tool can get the job done. For instance, making use of a social media scheduling app and an analytics app when there is an app like Twoogle that can help you do both.

You do not need too many tools, it’s difficult to keep up. Find tools you need that serve multiple purposes and use them.

Create healthy boundaries

You should have a time where you log off work for the day. We mean, if companies have that, why can’t you have that? You must have that figured out as soon as possible. When do you want to start working every day? When do you want to stop working every day? If you can create a schedule like that and stick to it, you are on your way to having a better work-life balance which can help you rest more or even become more productive which is great for your business.

Have a separate account for your business

One thing we make business owners know is that it’s important to separate pleasure from the business. And not just when it has to do with sex, but money too. When people say this, they know what they are saying. Having a business account makes things easier because you’d know how much you are making from your business and be more cautious when you want to spend recklessly. We are huge fans of Cathrin Manning and in one of her videos, she mentioned paying yourself as a business owner.

That’s the reason you have a personal account. When you pay yourself a certain amount of money every month, you’d know how much you have left and with your salary, you can knock yourself out. Never be that reckless when it has to do with your business funds. Have separate accounts.


This can be planning when to post on social media since your post is on social media when to reply to your client’s complaint, what to post, how to create ads, and so on. If you struggle with finding the right time to post, why don’t you batch create content with apps like Twoogle? Twoogle helps you track your analytics too so you might want to check it out. There are a couple of content planners that come in handy so make use of them. Always plan your content for one or two weeks because we noticed that the stress with posting on social media comes with not scheduling. When you schedule, you’d have enough time to do other things and you need all the time as a small business owner.


You can collaborate with other business owners. It can be with a Delivery company like DeliverNow where we get to be your delivery company and you eliminate the stress that comes with figuring out how to get your goods to the clients. It can also be with a gift company where you work with them to come up with a gift for those who have places orders. You know the collaborations asides from the delivery companies that work for you. You should look into that.


Omo, we have finally shared our secrets on how to simplify your online business in 2021 and we are sure you’ve heaved a sigh of relief because you’ve been bothered with regards to how to simplify your online business. So, follow us on our social media platforms @Delivernownow on Instagram and Twitter.


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