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In our last article, we talked about simplifying your business as a small business owner. We shared a lot of tips that would answer the how to simplify your online business in 2021 question. In this article, it’s different.

As we stated earlier, it can be insane trying to do everything on your own and if you are not careful, you won’t get anything done or you would be all over the place. That’s why we decided to write this article to teach you how to stay sane as an online business owner.


We get that you can do it alone and you have a Grammy in multitasking, but outsource when you can. You don’t have to do it alone. If you are trying to make it work and it doesn’t seem like that’s working, outsource. There are parts of your business that you might not be able to figure out and that’s okay. Outsource as much as you can and focus on other aspects of your business that you are good at.

Read books

Read books or blog posts about small business owners who started and are still killing it. Do this especially when you don’t feel too great or when you are dealing with job burnout. It’s always a great idea to remind yourself why you started in the first place and books or articles or even the bios of the entrepreneurs you love have a good way of making you remember.

Take a break

We mentioned this last week and we are mentioning it again because it is important. We have seen articles that glorify overworking “no days off”. That should not be the same in your case. Take breaks when you need to, take some time off work. Life would go on and the fact that you’ve decided to take care of yourself shows how passionate you are about your business. If you are not healthy, how can you have the energy to be the best for your customers?

Use a planner

Trying to do everything at once can be overwhelming in our personal lives to say nothing of our businesses. You need the order shipped, you need to reply this comment and that email, you need to make a phone call, you need to reach out to the delivery company, it is a lot and without a proper plan in place, how are you going to find time to catch your breath?

This is where our last article about how to simplify your business comes in. That way, you have an app that helps you with social media and you have a variety of all-encompassing tools that would help you make headway in your business without having to do everything at the same time. We often hear “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and this is the truth if we are being honest. We get that things do not work exactly as planned, but when you plan, we are kinda one step ahead.

That’s it for today guys and we are sure you have an idea regarding how to stay sane as an online business owner now. Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Twitter @Delivernownow.

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