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The world is global now and wahala for who no follow the world go global o. A lot of people are making a living selling on social media without even having physical stores.  We are sure you’ve purchased stuff from online vendors and had what you purchased delivered to you. We understand that few times, it might be a case of what I ordered vs what I got, but you get what we mean.

If you’ve been thinking of a business idea and you don’t think you are up for managing a physical store and the stress that comes with it, this video is for you. At DeliverNow, online business owners are members of our tribe so we’ve decided to create this content for you so you can make up your mind if you want to join the cool tribe. Grab your cup of coffee or tea let’s get right in.

What online business idea can one start that doesn’t require owning a physical store?

A Thrift Store

If you’ve been struggling with what to do, owning a thrift store is an amazing idea. With a good bale plug, a mannequin, and a good camera, you are good to go. We’d however recommend that you get the best quality because you know how good word of mouth is. A thrift store works especially if you love fashion or have an eye for fashion, this business would work for you. You’d need to figure out what you want to sell and find a good plug to work with. Nigerian women love thrifting. It’s called Okrika and it’s a lucrative business if you know your onions. Open a social media page, get your plug, get a mannequin, take beautiful pictures of your products and make sure to add the price.


Do you love cooking? Do you find yourself trying out new recipes and they turn out great? If this is you, you might want to start an online food business. Create a social media page, post pictures of your food, and once the business starts, you’d need to mention to your followers the menu for the next day so they can place their orders. A food business is also another lucrative business and if this is your specialty, you might want to make a living online off it.

Healthy liquids

By healthy liquids, we mean smoothies and cold-pressed juices. Do you love making healthy drinks? If you do, you are in luck. It’s a market that is not saturated. If you’ve been doing that already, you can create a business page, start posting your stuff and ask people to order. Please, you must consider aesthetics when you are posting on social media. It needs to look good enough for people to want it. Use clean cups and plates, do what you have to make sure it looks good. Oh, don’t forget to add your price. No, we will not dm you.

Hair extensions

We know you’d think this is for the ladies alone, but guys are into hair right now. Have you visited hair salons in Lagos? There are men making hair, fixing nails, eyelashes, and even transforming wigs. If you understand how hair works, you know how to spot good hair and how to buy them, you might want to consider starting a hair extension business and if that’s something you are good at, it’s even better. You can be your brand ambassador.


This is another lucrative way to make money. You can be a middle man between the main seller and the buyer. If you are good at marketing and you can get customers, you should take a look at dropshipping. The profit is insane, we’ve spoken with a couple of drop shippers and we’d give you that article soon.

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