Billing policy

Customer billing

Customers are billed transparently based on their chosen delivery logistic vendor rates.

  • Only Electronic payments are allowed. (zero cash handling).
  •  Customers can do transfer from their debit cards, USSD, or online bank transfer.
  •  Wallet is also available. Customers can fund their wallets and make payments from the wallet.
  •  No other hidden charges.
Partner payment
  • Partners earn 80% of the revenue from their customer transactions.
  •  20% is the platform fee.
  •  Payment is made weekly (Mondays).
    Payment is by bank transfer to Partner’s registered bank account.

Sample payment calculation:

Gross earning: NGN 1,000

Platform fee: (20%) – NGN200
VAT: (7.5%) – NGN75
Total Deductions – NGN275

Net Earnings: NGN725