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With the advent of social media, a lot of brands have built their businesses on social media. What this means is that companies are moving online and are doing away with physical stores. Social media has helped small businesses tremendously, but small businesses that operate on social media alone face many challenges.  

What are the challenges that small businesses on social media face? 

Fear of scams

Many people decide to patronize small businesses and social media, and it never ends well for them. This is because some social media businesses are scams. People legit open these businesses, take your money, and never give you the product. We have heard a lot about these scammers, which is one of the challenges social media businesses face. People are scared to pay because they feel you would scam them. You can start a pay on delivery method if you can afford it to get people to trust you.  

What I ordered vs. what I got

The trend of what I ordered vs. what I got has come to stay. Most people prefer to go to physical stores because they’ve had their fair share of getting something different from what they ordered. To remedy this situation, you have to be at the top of your game with your quality. Always make sure that what you are advertising on social media is precisely what the client will get if he/she or she places his or her order. Post your reviews too. 

Problematic Clients

Yes, problematic clients would make you ask yourself if starting this business online is the right thing to do. I feel for some of them; you can’t seem to please them. They complain about everything, and at the same time, they give you a bad rating even after making sure you’ve fixed their complaints. They ruin your business. You need to understand that it’s almost impossible to please all your clients. However, make sure you have more happy clients than unhappy clients. 

Delivery issues

We asked a couple of small business owners some of the challenges they face, and they mentioned delivery. Yes, it’s a problem here in Nigeria, mainly due to unreliable logistics company. Did you hear of the delivery rider who ate someone’s food? Like, you were supposed to deliver food to someone, and you ate it? It’s always the audacity for us.

Delivery is one of the significant challenges’ small businesses face. That’s why Delivernow is your best bet at ensuring a seamless delivery for your customer. Whether you have the best online business in the world or not, as far as your delivery is trash, your business is trash. With DeliverNow, you can be sure of vetted delivery agents who will send the packages seamlessly, and you don’t have to worry about your products getting to the clients in good shape and at the right time.  

If you are dealing with delivery issues, what are you waiting for? Download our app and sign up now to seal your business in the hearts of your clients.

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