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The delivery logistics industry in Nigeria is saddled with a lot of challenges. From bad roads to inexperienced drivers to bad customer service, the list is endless. A business owner does all he/she can to ensure the smooth running of the business and when the time comes, it’s like pouring water on a rock because it seems like all the efforts are in vain.

We looked at the challenges and that’s why DeliverNow is here. We are offering you so much more, you’d have a chance to take charge of your delivery and a variety of delivery service providers to choose from.

Here are some reasons why you should think DeliverNow for your delivery needs.

You’ve got options

By this, we don’t mean you need to do your research regarding the best delivery company that aligns with your brand. With DeliverNow, right there on the app, you can see that you’ve got options. Options with regards to your budget, the reviews, your brand, and the likes. With the options, it is clear that you would get the best delivery service provider that works with your brand.

We create insightful content

Asides from offering you the best services, we also have blog posts and social media content tailored for you as an online business. With our tips, you’d have ideas on how to run your online business with minimal stress.

Zero horror tales from unprofessional drivers

Because you have the opportunity to pick a rider that aligns with your brand, the horrible tales about unprofessional drivers will be eliminated. Asides from the fact that we work with professional riders, the fact that the choice of the rider depends on you plays a huge role in eliminating unprofessional drivers.

An increased customer satisfaction

Customers are excited when you meet or exceed their expectations. With a delivery logistics company, “delivered” is what you need to hear and it’s what we are offering. We want you to be happy and if you run a business, we want your customers to be happy. If customer satisfaction is a priority for you, you’d need to get started with DeliverNow right now.

Riders earn more while doing less

We also care about our riders. We allow them to make a living from this while doing less. They can invest their time in other things that make them happy too. If you are looking for a platform that will give you more, you need to think DeliverNow and you need to sign up now.

The delivery logistics industry in Nigeria has been trolled enough. Every day on social media, we are introduced to yet another horror tale regarding businesses should try to put in the work while they are trying to hire a delivery logistics company to work with.

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